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Accounting Online – Quickbooks Sales Tax

QuickBooks Online Set up Sales Tax A new user must set up the sales tax codes and items properly from the start in order to avoid problems with the tax authorities, plus higher accounting fees. Contact your local CPA for guidance in this area and consult with a QuickBooks expert for assistance is using the

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Team USA’s 28 Best Olympic Moments

You might be surprised at how many historical moments the United States had in Sochi. 1. Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg wins the first gold medal of the Olympics, introduces the world to “Spoice.” View this image › Julian Finney / Getty What does “spoice” mean? According to Sage, “you can use it for whatever.” 2. Bobsledder

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Amazing Air Force Story Of The Cornfield Bomber

During a training mission in 1970, pilot Gary Foust lost control of his F-106 fighter jet in a flat spin. After attempting to recover, and failing, Gary was forced to eject. Just as he ejected from his aircraft, the jet immediately recovered from the spin. Even more shocking, the plane flew off a number of miles away, and

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Facebook Issues New Experiment Guidelines, But It’s Still Lousy Science

View this image › AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File Following the intense backlash to its recent user experiment, yesterday Facebook announced improved guidelines for research at the company, saying it would subject new studies involving special groups of people or topics considered deeply personal (think emotions) to more extensive review within the company. Further, the company

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IRS offers up 73 pages of regulations on Obamacare penalties

http://twitter.com/#!/jamiedupree/status/297157943655276544 @jamiedupree You First! — Zach Ward (@UnrealZachWard) February 1, 2013 @jamiedupree Got to love the opening reference to the Paperwork Reduction Act. #ironic — Mark Lawrence (@MarkLawrenceGA) February 1, 2013 Of course Nancy Pelosi has read the entire 2,700 page Obamacare bill. You’ll like what’s in it too when you get around to reading

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