QuickBooks New Cloud Application | QuickBooks Pro Desktop Versions

QuickBooks New Cloud Application | QuickBooks Pro Desktop Versions

QuickBooks Online Kindle Book

QuickBooks Online Kindle book by John Whiteley, CPA available on Amazon Kindle bookstore.  Book covers the set up of your data file all the way through to posting the different types of transactions. See details below from Amazon.com. Learn how to set up and post to QuickBooks Onlilne Based on the current version of QuickBooks Online. “Updated on December 8, 2014. Updates made as the program makes any significant changes

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Accounting Online – Quickbooks Sales Tax

QuickBooks Online Set up Sales Tax A new user must set up the sales tax codes and items properly from the start in order to avoid problems with the tax authorities, plus higher accounting fees. Contact your local CPA for guidance in this area and consult with a QuickBooks expert for assistance is using the Online application. We offer QuickBooks Online training in our course as well as guidance in

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22 People Who Are Living The Dream

If only we could all be so lucky. 1. This industrious Elvis impersonator View this image › Flickr: brockzilla / Creative Commons Bonus points if you know what kind instrument he plays. 2. Mama June when she wants to look good View this image › TLC / Via giphy.com Keep doing your thing! 3. This pillow fighter View this image › Flickr: scani / Creative Commons 4. This crab fisherman

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A Day In The Life Of A Morning Talk Show Host

1. My assistant wakes me up in the morning bright and early… View this image › David Canton / Univision 2. Just because I love my job doesn’t mean the process is any easier… View this image › David Canton / Univision 3. Once, I get up, I find my makeup artist ASAP so no one else has to see this face. View this image › 4. I then eat

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34 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

1. Fun House proprietor Pat Sharp is now 50 years old. View this image › Via youtube.com 2. And while we’re at it, the twins are 40 (Melanie is a receptionist and Martina is an account manager). View this image › Via youtube.com 3. If she were real, the Lara Croft of the original Playstation game would be turning 40 this year. View this image › Via laracroft.tv 4. Hunter

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Apple To Finally Add A Woman To Executive Ranks Of White Males

Executive profiles from Apple’s website: View this image › Apple / Via apple.com Apple’s new senior vice president of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts, will diversify the company’s executive ranks when she starts in the spring of 2014. The Burberry CEO, who’s filling a spot that has been vacant for a year, will be reporting to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple’s top nine executive appear to be nearly all

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Team USA’s 28 Best Olympic Moments

You might be surprised at how many historical moments the United States had in Sochi. 1. Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg wins the first gold medal of the Olympics, introduces the world to “Spoice.” View this image › Julian Finney / Getty What does “spoice” mean? According to Sage, “you can use it for whatever.” 2. Bobsledder Johnny Quinn breaks through his bathroom door after getting trapped inside. Gus Kenworthy @guskenworthy Follow

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Amazing Air Force Story Of The Cornfield Bomber

During a training mission in 1970, pilot Gary Foust lost control of his F-106 fighter jet in a flat spin. After attempting to recover, and failing, Gary was forced to eject. Just as he ejected from his aircraft, the jet immediately recovered from the spin. Even more shocking, the plane flew off a number of miles away, and landed by itself in a wheat field with very little damage. After being repaired at

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Facebook Issues New Experiment Guidelines, But It’s Still Lousy Science

View this image › AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File Following the intense backlash to its recent user experiment, yesterday Facebook announced improved guidelines for research at the company, saying it would subject new studies involving special groups of people or topics considered deeply personal (think emotions) to more extensive review within the company. Further, the company will improve training for employees and keep its research site up-to-date with the company’s latest

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16 Books Every Sports Lover Should Read

View this image › BuzzFeed 1. The Blind Side by Michael Lewis View this image › Via books.wwnorton.com If you’ve seen the movie, you know that this is the story of Michael Oher’s rise from homeless teen to first-round NFL draft pick, with a focus on the family that helped him. Lewis also intersperses insightful analysis of the changing nature of the game, noting the importance of the left tackle

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IRS offers up 73 pages of regulations on Obamacare penalties

http://twitter.com/#!/jamiedupree/status/297157943655276544 @jamiedupree You First! — Zach Ward (@UnrealZachWard) February 1, 2013 @jamiedupree Got to love the opening reference to the Paperwork Reduction Act. #ironic — Mark Lawrence (@MarkLawrenceGA) February 1, 2013 Of course Nancy Pelosi has read the entire 2,700 page Obamacare bill. You’ll like what’s in it too when you get around to reading it yourself, but if you don’t have the time for that now, the IRS has

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30 Happy Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile

It’s hard to say what it is about animals that we love the most – their cute or beautiful looks, their natural innocence or the emotional reactions that they elicit from us. But whatever the case may be, one of these 30 happy animal facts is bound to bring a smile to your face. A lot of these facts also underscore the similarities and emotional connections that people can share

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Citizinvestor Helps Grab The Ears of Local Governments

Jordan Raynor, co-founder of Citizenvestor, believes he can use crowdfunding to fill a need unmet within many local communities. “You have all of these projects that are budgeted out, already approved, the only thing missing is money,” Raynor told Mashable. “At a time when cities are really strapped for cash, the lists of those projects are endless.” Citizinvestor, a recently launched crowdfunding platform for local governments, works directly with municipalities

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Mickael Dupont’s Vintage Bike Stunts (Video)

Mickael Dupont: ‘I see your boring old bike stunts and I raise you a vintage ladies bike freestyle street trial.’ [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-rAv43UFnA&version=3&hl=en_US] via The Daily What Read more: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2012/02/16/mickael-duponts-vintage-bike-stunts-video/

Community Post: The 5 NYC Neighborhoods Tim Tebow Should Move To

1. Financial District View this image › The W Downtown Tebow’s friend and fellow sports mania object Jeremy Lin just moved into a furnished two bedroom in the Downtown W, which still has several other similar units available. Tebow should move in one floor above him, to take further advantage of the W’s sweeping views of the Hudson and the World Trade Center’s memorial pools. Tim and Lin would hang

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QuickBooks Training – Inventory Setup

QuickBooks Inventory setup includes the creation of inventory part type items used for controlling your quantity levels, cost of items, general ledger allocation, sales price and reorder levels. It is strongly recommended that you contact your CPA for assistance in the setup of your QuickBooks inventory module and instruction on how to add new items in the future. The non-inventory type items are used outside of the inventory module and

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QuickBooks Online Review

These “QuickBooks Online” Review comments pertain to the web based version of the QuickBooks accounting application.  A business owner must carefully analyze the core requirements of his or her business planning and control system before switching to QuickBooks Online from the desktop version.     As a CPA in public practice, I remember the early versions of QuickBooks, a desktop application. Initially I found the software confusing compared to Simply Accounting

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Create Items in QuickBooks Pro

This QuickBooks Pro tutorial explores how to use items to fill out invoices, purchase orders, vendor bills, and more Google +

QuickBooks Pro in Multi-User Mode

Learn about using QuickBooks Pro in Multi-user mode; watch the following video Google +

Favorite Reports in QuickBooks

Learn about working with favorite QuickBooks Reports


The following video explains how to add a new customer in QuickBooks Find out more how you can take a full QuickBooks Pro 2014 training course offered by a Professional Accountant for his accounting business clients

Company Information

In this Quickbooks Pro 2013 training video tutorial, the trainer discusses different options on how to set up company file. In addition, learn the step-by-step procedures of creating a company file using advanced setup as you get started in Quickbooks Pro 2013.

Chart of Accounts – QuickBooks Training

Chart of Accounts – QuickBooks Training for QuickBooks Pro 2014 teaches you  how to easily setup new general ledger accounts, delete accounts as well as make accounts inactive. Adding new accounts to the chart of accounts is the easy part of the process. The real job is deciding which account names and types to setup in the chart of accounts. Every business has its unique characteristics, thus influencing the development of the chart of accounts. It is vital to perform an accurate review of the control and  reporting requirements of the business before customizing your chart of accounts. The following video explains some of the considerations to be taken into account as well as a demonstration of how to add a new account in QuickBooks.  The complete course is 3 hours

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QuickBooks Training Tutorial – Part 39 – Working with Sales Tax Items

Sales tax items will vary in each province or state; learn how to manage your sales tax reports properly. Training courses by Simon Sez IT can be found on the Udemy website Checkout QuickBooks Training Course by John Whiteley and save time and money in setting up your books and delivering the information that your Accountant wants.

Bank Reconciliations – QuickBooks Training by Henry Reeves

Bank Reconciliation Video demonstration QuickBooks. Henry Reeves teaching a “Hands-On” QuickBooks class. Bank reconciliations and QuickBooks classes are discussed in this video Training courses by Simon Sez IT can be found on the Udemy website Checkout QuickBooks Training Course by John Whiteley and save time and money in setting up your books and delivering the information that your Accountant wants.

QuickBooks Pro 2014 Tutorial Invoicing for Job Costs Intuit Training Lesson 18.8

Learn about Invoicing for Job Costs in QuickBooks Pro 2014 at www.teachUcomp.com. A clip from Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy. Get the complete tutorial for f… Training courses by Simon Sez IT can be found on the Udemy website Checkout QuickBooks Training Course by John Whiteley and save time and money in setting up your books and delivering the information that your Accountant wants.

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